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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Terms and conditions of sale of Quantum Building Supplies Limited

  1. The execution of all orders and contracts is subject to contingencies beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for any delay, damage or loss whatsoever arising from war, Government requisitions of any kind, suspension of means of transport, loss of steamer, strikes, lock-outs, fire, floods, accident, failure of any third party to supply us or anything directly interfering with the raw materials, manufacture, supply, shipment, arrival or delivery of goods. All tenders and/or quotations are based upon present costs of production, transport charges and manufacturer’s prices. In the event of our being called upon to meet any advance in the price of raw materials, wages, transport, etc., we reserve the right to increase our prices.
  2. Any query with regard to the material supplied should be raised within seven days from receipt of invoice.
  3. In case of non-payment of any account when due, the Owner reserves the right to stop any further deliveries until all arrears are paid, or to cancel any contract as to all or any parts of future deliveries.
  4. Where delivery is to be effected to job, it is understood that the site must be safe for full lorry loads of materials and of easy access and that every assistance must be given for prompt unloading.
  5. No warranty, express or implied, is given as to the life or wear of the goods supplied, nor that they will be suitable for any particular purpose or for use under specific conditions, notwithstanding that such purpose or conditions may be made known to the Owner. No liability can be accepted for any consequential loss or damage whatsoever. In the case of other makers’ specialities supplied by the Owner, the Owner’s liability is limited to that accepted by the makers thereof.
  6. The property in the materials shall not pass to the Buyer until the Buyer has paid to the Owner the whole price thereof, but all risk in such materials shall be borne by the Buyer from time of delivery, or from time of collection by the Buyer.
  7. The Owner reserves the right to enter premises or sites owned by the Buyer, or under the Buyer’s control, or being worked on by the Buyer, to retake possession of any goods in respect of which payment or part-payment is outstanding.
  8. Extended Credit Surcharges of not less than 2.5% per month will be charged on overdue balances.

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