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Many roofing ventilation solutions are available from Quantum for a range of projects in varying sizes. Some of which are detailed below but please speak to our sales team if you would like information about our full offering.



Klober provide Quantum with a range of ventilation options to enable architects, specifiers and contractors to select the most appropriate solution for providing ventilation for a particular design. They are a leading manufacturer who supply high-quality universal vents, simplifying specifying and installation. Vents from Klober include tile, fascia and soffit vents, and the entire range is available to order from Quantum, which can be viewed in the brochure below.

Air Bricks

Air bricks, sometimes called air vents, are special bricks containing holes that allow air to enter under the floor of buildings that have suspended floors. Cavity walls also need ventilation to allow airflow that will prevent moisture build up.

Various sizes and types of air bricks are kept in stock.

For further information on Ventilation, call us today on 01534 610500 or email sales@quantum.je

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