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Quantum are stockists of Strata Stone

Strata have decades of experience and work with only the best quality materials from their own mines, giving you assurance of quality.

As the sole UK supplier of a portfolio of natural stone products from their own quarries in India, Strata are the stone company of choice with their production and factory operations currently supplying 38 countries across every continent in the world.

The heart of their process is a deep knowledge of the raw material, gained from decades of expertise in extracting the stone from their own quarries in Kota, Rajasthan, and from key partners strategically situated across India. Their team of natural stone specialists select the stone blocks on site at each quarry to ensure it is free from faults and imperfections, before transporting to one of two highly automated manufacturing facilities located near Jaipur, India.

At Strata, the portfolio of stone includes many finishes to enable different styles and effects to be achieved. Some examples of these are highlighted below, but if you are looking for something unique let us know, and our team will work with Strata and you to help achieve your objective.



This is achieved by sawing a block of stone into tiles and carrying out a secondary mechanical process to hone the surface to create a semi-polished smooth appearance.


In this collection, sawn stone tiles are subjected to a pressurized flow of fine sand resulting in a uniform lightly textured nonslip surface.


As the title suggests, edges of natural cleft stone tiles are sawn cut to create smooth and straight lines, allowing for tighter grouting joints during installation.


Stone tiles are encased in rotating metal tumbling drums along with ceramic beads, whereby their continuous rubbing motion against the stone gives the surface and edges an “aged” and weathered appearance.


The surface of the stone is processed with heavy duty, hard bristled brushes to give the appearance of “old” worn and smooth stones often seen in heritage buildings.


These are the terms used to refer to the stone when it has a natural finish, whereby each tile has been split by hand from a large block, along its natural laying seam and then set sized tiles are created using a chisel, slaters axe or hammer to create a very natural look surface and edge.


Quantum stock Strata sandstone in Mint and Camel colours, please contact us directly to find out more.

For further information on Strata, call us today on 01534 610500 or email sales@quantum.je

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