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COXDOME Rooflights

COXDOME has over 65 years of experience and offers a 10-year guarantee on their products which are suitable for both new builds and refurbishment projects. They understand the importance of daylight and how it brings energy and life to home and work with a connection to the world outdoors. Daylight and ventilation have been scientifically proven to make people feel and perform better. The following rooflight products are available from COXDOME.

The Classic Range – Flat Roof Domes
Suitable for both residential and commercial purposes, a polycarbonate skin can be double, triple or quadruple – clear or diffused. Rooflights are available as fixed or vented options, as well as various sizes and shapes: square, rectangle, pyramid or circular. The upstands provided are either 160 mm vertical or 150 mm or 300 mm splayed. The base and the top are packaged in one box for ease of transportation.

Lumiglaze – Flat Glass
Double glazed with a toughened outer pane and laminated inner pane for additional safety fixed or vented options are available. Twelve off-the-shelf sizes can be ordered with a 160 mm UPVC upstand or installed into a pre-formed timber kerb.

Mainly used for refurbishment work where only a dome requires replacing and is designed to be fitted to an existing builder’s kerb. The 100 mm flange ensures a fit with most kerbs without the need for adjustment. Polycarbonate skin can be single, double, triple or quadruple – clear or diffused are available in various shapes and sizes.

Can be supplied with an operable comfort switch for natural ventilation. This product can also be used for access and the actuator can be offset to allow for a larger access area. Available in various sizes. polycarbonate skins can be double, triple or quadruple – clear or diffused is also available.

Access Hatches
Used to access the roof area whilst also allowing natural daylight to enter a space, access hatches are available in various sizes. Polycarbonate skins can be double, triple or quadruple – clear or diffused. Each comes with either 160 mm vertical upstand (recommended for frequent use) or 150 mm splayed upstand (recommended for occasional use).

For further information on COXDOME Rooflights, call us today on 01534 610500 or email sales@quantum.je


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