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High-performance plasterboard range specially designed to suit various applications.

Siniat GTEC plasterboard drylining systems provide economic, high-performance options to meet a wide range of building requirements. We stock various boards in different sizes to suit virtually every project need.

The GTEC brand of products provide a range of partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing systems for small and major projects and both new-build and refurbishment.

  • Meets Part B, Part E and Part L requirements
  • Higher levels of protection again impact, sound, moisture and fire
  • GTEC Lifetime Warranty System, when  built entirely with GTEC components and materials, by qualified professionals, in accordance with our latest literature and relevant standards


Standard Board Solutions

GTEC Standard Board is a gypsum board for partitions, linings and ceilings where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are specified.


Vapour Solutions

The GTEC Vapour Board has the same physical property as the standard board but has a silver metallised polyester film back liner which enhances the vapour resistance of the product.


Wet Area Solutions

Aqua board is a water resistant plasterboard for kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms and is also suitable for extremely humid environments such as swimming pools and health spas. It can be painted or directly tiled.


Fire Solutions

GTEC Fire Board is a plasterboard which provides superior fire resistance for stud partitions, wall lining and ceiling systems. Achieve 60 minutes fire resistance from a 15mm single layer partition system. It complies with BS1230 Type 5 and BS EN 520 Types D and F.


Acoustic Solutions

GTEC dB Board is a plasterboard with superior acoustic performance suitable for installation with stud partitions, lining systems and ceilings.


Thermal Solutions

GTEC Thermal XP provide superior thermal performance over Thermal EPS and are suited for application in both insulating walls and loft conversion projects.


Also available in stock:

GTEC FRAME RANGE A range of strong, lightweight and non-loadbearing economic metal framing solutions for drylining.

GTEC FIX RANGE A range of fixing solutions such as GTEC screws, adhesives and renders, specifically designed for use with plasterboard.

GTEC FINISH RANGE Complete range of finishing products for seamless taping and jointing for two and three coat applications.

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